Ramvic was born out of a desire to be creative and a dream to globally transform space. The Managing Director of the company Olufunmilola Ogunwumi had always being a creative mind where space is concerned, thus she sought out to transform her creative mind to a competitive brand. Ramvic is made up of seasoned individuals that have been assembled by Olufunmilola to actualize her vision for a global brand.
Ramvic is a consortium of highly skilled artisans across various fields in building construction and finishing Ramvic is your all stop shop for building construction skills


To meet every clients’ needs and exceed their expectations
• Create exclusive and practical designs that represent clients personality and lifestyle as well as business brand
• Create a platform for the country to have easy access to quality building construction and decoration service providers
• Innovative service and product offering
• Create a professional and globally acceptable brand


• To achieve top 5 status in service delivery in the state in 2 years
• To achieve top 5 status in service delivery across the south west region of the country in 5 years
• To lead the industry in innovation Nation-wide